SKS Airflex Explorer Hose Pump Black

$ 74.75

Bike pump with a pull-out hose

A small pump with great impact: the SKS AIRFLEX mini pump now makes it even easier to pump up mountain bike tyres. The secret is concealed by the handy dust cap: a hose is stored in the pump tube, which can be pulled out and screwed onto the valve head for a completely airtight connection of Presta and Schrader valves. The flexible hose provides plenty of scope for pumping up to a pressure of 5 bar. This protects not only the valve on the bike but also makes it easy to use.

Protects not only the valve but also makes it easy to use

The soft compound handle and moulded grip on the front ensure a good grip. The mix of aluminium and plastic-carbon components with SKS embossing makes the lightweight mini pumps a must-have for design-conscious bikers.

  • Made from aluminium/plastic carbon components
  • Pull-out hose
  • Soft handle with moulded grip
  • Suitable for Presta and Schrader valves
  • Made in Germany


  • art.No: 11601
  • color: black
  • weight: 132 g
  • valve: AV, SV
  • output max: 5 bar / 73 PSI
  • length: 205 mm
  • foot: Aluminum
  • handhold: Plastic

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