Strap into evolution and protect what matters most.

Whether you're hard-charging trails or hammering hills, 100% offer an extensive range of helmets that provide airflow, comfort, lightweight and superior protection. 

Introducing Smartshock®, the newest, advanced, intelligent, fully suspended rotational system for your brain.

The Smartshock® Rotational Protection System improves bicycle helmet safety by reducing angular acceleration and deceleration effects to the brain. During a glancing oblique impact, this proprietary system immediately begins defusing rotational energy at the outer shell of the helmet; rather than other helmet systems which only begin to interact with angular force after these forces have passed through layers of helmet.

100% Helmets also feature the FIDLOCK® Technology.

Fidlock is revolutionizing the traditional helmet buckle. The Fidlock SNAP helmet buckle closes automatically and can be opened with ease by sliding laterally using just two fingers.

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